You like top lay Fantasy-Games, and love fantastic universes and to destroy enemies and bosses with various, powerful weapons? Then you are at the right place, we have the best tips for you! At this page, we want you to teach anything about MMOs and MMORPGs, starting from an overview to detailed description about paid and free MMORPGs, as well as tips and tricks you can use.

Current free Top 10 MMORPGs list

  • – Final Fantasy XIV
  • – Archlord 2
  • – League of Legends
  • – Drakensang Online
  • – Die Siedler Online
  • – Heroes of The Banner
  • – Star Trek Online
  • – Wizard101
  • – Forge of Empires
  • – Tribal Wars 2


On the site, you can find recessions and articles about current and upcoming online role playing game. The focus is on MMORPG games. We´ll always inform you about always the latest games to check out and write about all the trends.

Whether Fanatsy MMORPG, browser or software-based, Strategy, Fighting, Sci-Fi, FPS, or classic old-school RPG Games – We report all niches and resurrect good games that have been forgotten.

In addition, we are working on an online gaming directory, where we list other interesting places with cool games from other areas besides MMORPG and general online gaming.

Furthermore, a voting will be installed, in which all users can evaluate tested games. So you can help to discover the most attractive games and avoid dealing with the flops.

Questions and answers:

Wofür steht MMORPG?
The acronym MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game, short MMO , or: massively multiplayer role-playing game. In MMORPG you plunge into virtual worlds where you either kill enemies alone or with friends, and finish tasks to gain experience to increase your level. The higher your level and weapons, the more powerful your personal character. In addition, you meet other people with whom you can you unite and explore the world together.

Free2Play oder Free2Pay: Sind diese MMOs tatsächlich kostenlos?

There are both free and paid MMPORGs. A free MMO get´s revenue by a in-game shop where the player can purchase virtual currency, special items, skins or other equipment to level up faster. Paid MMORPGs are often based on a subscription system, in which the player pays a monthly amount ranging between 10$ to 20$. In most games however you can easily compete without paying at all. We introduce to you both kind of online games.

How does one play?
In an MMORPG you create your own character which you can customize to your liking. Often you choose whether you will fight as a melee champion, i.e. a knight, or with ranged attacks as a Magic or an archer. With this character you can explore the virtual world, gets jobs done, challenge opponents in fighting-arenas or right along other players. Often to destroy legendary bosses to gain experience and increase your level and get better gear, you have to compete in a team.

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